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Who Started Skin Needling?

1-Before-and-After-Mouth-Scar-Relaxation-115x300Pre and Post Skin Needling from www.permanentmakeupschool.orgWho Started Skin Needling?Who Started Skin Needling?


Confused over who started Skin Needling™?

Some people are.

For those of you that are not aware of Susan Church’s work, let’s clear up the misconceptions.

She is the first person that is on record for discovering Skin Needling™ using a coil tattoo machine on burn patients starting in 1988. ( Incidentally, she still has several of her patient’s files that she worked on during this period).

Ms. Susan Church of California worked with burn patients at Dr. Grossman’s office in Sherman Oaks, CA in the late 1980’s performing Skin Needling™, Scar Relaxation and Melanocyte Restoration procedures.

Dr. G. was a world-renowned  burn specialist.  Burn patients worldwide sought out his expertise.  Patients would fly to Los Angeles from all over the world to have skin grafts and other procedures performed to return their burned tissue to a state of some normalcy. These patients ranged from celebrities, royalty, adults as well as children.512NCH0EA9L__SY300_

Ms. Church was very fortunate to work in concert with him in his office and administer procedures to his patients. This is also where she worked in concert with another burn specialist Dr. Elliott Rose.  Ms. Church accompanied Dr. Rose on rounds talking with patients that were just burned, giving them hope on impending results. She finally found her niche, her passion in life. Dr. Rose believed in Ms. Church’s work. He asked her to author a chapter in his book “Aesthetic Restoration of the Disfigured Face”. http://www.openisbn.com/isbn/9780316756464/

Ms. Church has been performing Skin Needling since 1988. She has written many articles and Educational Manuals on Skin Needling starting in 1989.  She lectured at the SCP conference in 1991 where she showed her colleagues, physicians, and other professionals her burn patient’s photographs that included  ‘Pre and Post’ Skin Needling, Scar Relaxation and Corrective Pigment Camouflage. Her articles were published in 1991 in the ‘Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals’ (SPCP) Newsletters as well as in other publications on these remarkable findings. Ms. Church has also lectured to medical and beauty professionals on numerous occasions sharing phenomenal photos of burn, scar and cancer patients, as well as ‘everyday’ clients that requested her services.logo_phoenix  Phoenix Society for burn suvivors

Ms. Church wrote a research paper on her work which included Skin Needling™, Melanocyte Restoration and Scar Relaxation with her own clients, Dr. Grossman’s and Dr. Elliott Rose’s burn patients. Unfortunately the research paper was never published. In order for her research work to be published, she would have needed to be a physician.

She disputed that she was the one that performed the procedures, wrote the AARBF_s2 Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundationprotocols for her work, established guidelines, wrote Consent and Release Forms which many insurance companies, technicians and educators still use to this day, documented all of the patient’s work and took all of the Pre, During and Post photographs. The physicians’ hands were tied. In order for the research paper to be published, she would have to allow the Dr.’s to put their names on the paper, her name would not be permitted on the articles.  

This was yet another blow dealt to her because she did not have M.D. behind her name. The school of hard knocks counts for very little in this world. thSNG9BU22 national alopecia areata foundationInstead she lectured, instructed and stayed in the forefront for more than 2 decades educating physicians, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals as well as cosmetologists, aestiticians, nail technicians, massage therapists and other beauty professionals. She has lectured and or written articles for Alisa Ann Rouch Burn Foundation, Phoenix Burn Society, Lupus Support Groups, Alopecia Support Group, Burn Survivors Throughout the World http://www.burnsurvivorsttw.org/cosmetics/camouflage1.html



One asks “Then why do the Dr.’s take credit for what she started”? It is self-explanatory, they have the initials of M.D. behind their name and she doesn’t. They also represent the dermal roller companies. Dermal Rolling and Skin Needling are two totally and distinct  different procedures. Ms. Church does not have a huge company behind her. She did this all on her own!

Did you know?  Most of the people teaching Skin Needling™ today were educated by Susan Church. Yes, even physicians were educated by her.

As you can all read, physicians say they developed these techniques in the middle of the 1990’s.

How? Why? are others are taking credit for starting Skin Needling, Scar Relaxation and  Corrective Pigment Camouflage when it is truthful to say that Ms. Church worked on her burn patients in 1988, 1989 and later, then lectured on these patients / clients  and,  she is passed over being listed as the founder  because she is not an M.D. or have a vested interest in a product company?

That is the only reasonable explanation for this error. We would love to know what do you think the possible reason / explanation could be?

Even though she does not hold the title of M.D., it is about time she received the appropriate accolades for her work!      Nothing More,  Nothing Less!








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