Kimberly Zem

The “Forever Beautiful Insurance” program was developed, at the request of the world renowned, compassionate, talented and beautiful Susan Church, founder of the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics and

IIPC is arguably the most prestigious and successful Permanent Cosmetics Institute in the world, and has been setting and exceeding industry standards since its inception.

We feel privileged and honored to have built these programs and worked side by side with Susan. Her true care and concern for her students and the industry radiates. Thank you Susan!

Zem Insurance Solutions is an organization based in beautiful San Diego California but offers Nationwide assistance. We are positive our agency is staffed with the most talented, dedicated, driven, caring, and intelligent people that any company could ever dream of. We are strong mothers, wives and daughters. We understand and support the commitment YOU have made to being the best Permanent Cosmetic Technician you can be. Together we make an incredible business force that’s focused on service, efficiency, and giving back to the industry.

Kimberly Zem, the owner and founder developed “Forever Beautiful Insurance Program” for the Permanent Cosmetic Industry, and “Velvet Panther Insurance Program” for the Tattoo and Piercing Industry. Both of these industries have been controlled by only a few Insurance Brokerages. We’ve been asked to offer something else, something different, something easier and something affordable — we have come here for you.

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