Nov 24

Got a Question for Susan

I am confused about who and when skin needling started.

On You Tube it says different Dr’s started it and then I saw an article you wrote a long time ago saying you have been skin needling since 1988. Who’s right?

Thanks for clearing this up.

Sandy Taylor






  1. shelly

    Hi Susan,
    I was wondering if you could tell me when you start to see changes from hyperpigmentation of lips in women of Indian descent after permanent lip color. Is there anything that can be done to avoid melanin deposition after the tattoo has been done?
    I have very light Indian skin, but tend to tan easily. I got my procedure done 5 days ago. My experience was wonderful and my artist was great, but she has little experience with girls of my ethnicity.

    Thank you so very much for any advice or education.

    1. susanchurch

      Hyperpigmentation can happen at any given time after a lip colour procedure.
      If this does happen there are many great products on the market to lighten up any hyperpigmentated areas.

    2. susanchurch

      We have clients use a peptide that will stunt the melanocyte production. Use this prior to application.
      Contact Darcy at Viktoria DeAnn at 714.292.0296 to order this product.
      We also use a pigment with white mixed into it. This helps to negate all uneven pigmentation in the lips.
      See article on lip color.

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