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May 18

How To Pick The Correct Lip Pigment Color

Pigment Colour Lip Tips www.permanentmakeupproducts

This is a pearl of wisdom from: ‘The Laws of Church’  How To Pick The Correct  Lip Pigment Color!   Prior to your clients lip application of pigment, look closely at the uneven pigmentation that over 90% of people have in their lips. Using a pigment color with white in it will give your client …

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Nov 17

Lip Sparkling Permanent Makeup

Lip Sparkling

Lip Sparkling – Looks like lipstick that is half worn off. After eating lunch – lip colour is not as vibrant as when you first apply it. Great for the woman that just wants a bit of colour.  

Mar 18

Permanent Makeup Pigment – Weekly Deals


Even More Weekly Pigment Deals               Call NOW! This Sale Will Be Over Soon!       Areola and Soft Pink Lip Colour!!