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How long does the class last?

Skin Needling

Can you tell me if you teach skin needling using the dermal roller, and what you use an why?

I am confused about who and when skin needling started. On You Tube it says different Dr’s started it and then I saw an article you wrote a long time ago saying you have been skin needling since 1988. Who’s right? Thanks for clearing this up. Sandy Taylor


Why won’t my clients eyeliner stay in the skin? They keep coming back for touchups. What am I doing wrong? Melodie, Ca

My eyeliner is fading after about 2 years. Is this normal? I liked the darker look so I might have to have the procedure redone.

  1. Follow your aftercare exactly while the procedure area is healing.
  2. After the area has healed -Use a waterproof sunblock on the procedure area daily.
  3. Keep all AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids) and skin lighteners/brighteners away from the procedure area.
  4. Wearing mascara and sunglasses will help protect your eyeliner procedure colour.


During an eyebrow procedure, (with a needle 1 , hairstroke 0.3 – 0.4 mm, penetration, ) the client was bleeding, and plasma came out of the skin, and pigment was rejected. It never happened to me before, that skin rejected the pigment. This client is 54 years old, completely healthy, does not take any medication. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you in advance for your comment. Riki Noy, Israel

HELP! I have so many clients with pink eyebrows. Some clients are mine and others I will be working on for the first time. What color or colors should I use on them? thank you lauren


I am wanting to order a micropigmentation machine from your website and was wondering do you deliver to the UK? Kind Regards Simon Thorpe

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