Skin Needling Is It Here To Stay?

What is the future of these applications?

Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy ™(CRT), Neocollageneses, Skin Needling

and what ever else you would like to call it. Rumors have it that’ a board’ is talking about taking our power away from us  to preform ‘Skin Needling’™, Melanocyte Restoration and Scar Relaxation on our clients.Don't let anyone take SN away from us

Rumblings have been going on for quite a while. But now, more and more technicians and clients have been asking people in our clinic if the ‘board’ is seriously considering making it illegal for anyone but a physician to preform these procedures. We have been told that these procedures have been discussed at the latest Medical Board Meetings. None of  us know what is behind all the talk?

As of today I do not know of anyone, nor has it ever been brought to my  attention that anyone has started performing these procedures before I did. I ‘discovered’ these procedures in 1988,1989 while working on burn patients, cleft lip patients and cancer survivors. I have the OLD internet site pages that states that several physicians worked with the rollers in the early 90’s.

The services that we provide as permanent makeup artists  is different from what physicians do. We target wrinkles and can accomplish fantastic results with our rotary and digital permanent makeup devices. The rollers target the entire face.

One of the very first people I worked on had acne scars. I performed Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC) on her and the indented scared areas on her face were plumped up. After performing CPC on many other patients, my assistant and the staff in the physicians office were surprised by the results of my work, (but not as much as I was).

I started these procedures 26+ years ago and have been performing them, educating others and lecturing to medical and dental professionals, beauty professionals and other professionals since 1988. This application is not NEW as the uniformed say on their social  media sites.

I was asked a question on our chat board called  Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy™ (CRT). A technician asked why I changed the name from Skin Needling™ to ‘Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy™.  I answered her in a post and I believe the post was up for 1 day and it mysteriously was taken down. So I am posting my answer here on my personal blog site.

The reason we changed the name from Skin Needling™  to Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy™ was to give the procedure application a fresh new start. This along with the use of the new products should be enough to keep us legal and above board!

I am not saying anything that is untrue, defamatory towards anyone or any group. We are just trying to figure out what is in store for all of us. I have been performing Skin Needling – now- CRT since 1988 and NOW a board is trying to take this application /service away from me and thousands of other technicians.

Who knows more about skin care then aestitician’ s? OK, maybe Dermatologist’s do, however, when I worked in the burn surgeons office I had to educate the surgeon on the services I was performing and how these applications help benefit  his patients!

We have been performing our research for a while and In the next few months, we will be introducing new products for these 3 procedures.

Technicians will not work under any current beauty state license that they may hold (unless it is for tattooing or permanent makeup). Technicians will be licensed by the health department or other governing body of your particular state, county and city.

The LPCP has hired an attorney and we are working with many professionals to see that this  legislation does not prohibit technicians from performing these procedures in the future!

Funds from  the memberships will help fund our attorney (who by the way is also a permanent makeup technician) to stay abreast of the upcoming proposed laws.

If you would like to help us, we are gladly accepting donations for the legal fees we will encounter. Go to  for more information. More information will be posted in the next few days.


by: Susan Church CCPC, CPDA, CCRT

Worldwide Director of Education

Director of Clinical Research and Development

www.permanentmakeupschool,org, and