Susan Church – An Angel Without Wings

Susan Church – An Angel Without Wings
By Britain Gregory

In this fast paced world of ‘me first’ attitudes it is refreshing to witness unselfish and compassionate acts of love for fellow human beings; especially for children.

Spend a day with Susan Church and you, too, will be amazed at the outpouring of love that she gives and receives from numerous children that suffer from cancer, alopecia, vitiligo, or are burn survivors. Susan Church has become their angel.

Since 1991 Ms. Church, of the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics (IIPC), has developed techniques in “Inkless Applications” that restore melanocytes in damaged tissue, or skin disorders that were congenital. She introduced her technique of Skin Needling after discovering that the process aided in restoring collagen to damaged areas and promoting skin terger. With this discovery, Ms. Church has performed numerous procedures that have provided children with these conditions a better chance of normalcy and an ability to develop their self-esteem. Of all the pleasures in her life, the smile of a child affects her the most.

And in some cases, it is a smile that Susan was able to return to children whose faces were scarred by fire and deformed by the skin grafts that followed. This is where Ms. Church took Permanent Cosmetics to a level of medicinal value; a level far above that of aesthetics.

With this attitude, her application of knowledge and her compassion, Ms. Church has been awarded countless commendations and accolades in the Permanent Cosmetic and Medical fields. Moreover, it has provided her the vehicle to which she can continue to be of service to those who only ask for the opportunity to have a chance to be normal. For those, their smile is the best reward she could ever receive.

Keith Reid wrote: ‘The lesson lies in learning, and by teaching I’ll be taught’. This has become a mantra that Susan Church personifies. The success of her students exemplifies her success as an educator and epitomizes her devotion.

Some Angels don’t have wings. Susan Church earns hers daily.

Ms. Susan Church has been in the beauty industry since 1967 and has remained a leader in the Permanent Makeup Industry sine 1989. Her background in business, owning several full service salons and specializing in makeup artistry, has allowed her the opportunity to exercise her first love: working on burn survivors, cancer patients, and children with alopecia, and anyone who has a disfigurement where she can enhance their natural beauty.

Ms. Susan Church CPCP is the Co-founder of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), an organization that promotes high standards and ethics by its constituents.

Together, with Susan Preston of Professional Program Insurance Brokers (PPIB), both Susans saw a need in their industry for technicians to police themselves, which resulted in them forming the society. Neither could have envisioned the organization’s success 15 years later.

She has been featured on several television shows, radio talk shows, in magazines, trade journals, newspapers, and is an expert witness in court cases, and has lectured to over 10,000 professionals in the past 20 years.

County health departments in California look to her for advice in all aspects of the permanent makeup industry. She educates Health Department personnel on safety, cross contamination and teaches Exposure Control classes for tattoo artists, piercers and permanent cosmetic professionals. She has also lectured for the California Alliance for the Promotion of Safe Body Art (CAPSBA).

Colleges, including Medical and Professional Associations, also request her to lecture for them. She lectures on ‘Inkless Applications’©, Cancer Treatments, including Breast Repigmentation, Melanocyte Restoration, Corrective Pigment Camouflage and Permanent Cosmetic Makeup. She travels worldwide educating technicians, promoting and teaching proficiency in their techniques of permanent makeup.

Susan also developed the pigment colours, for both Tri-Lab Products and Absolute Perfection pigment colours line, as well as the anesthesia ‘Magic’, which is touted as one of the best topicals in the industry.

When asked about teaching students she states: “My success is measured by the success of my students.”

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