May 18

How To Pick The Correct Lip Pigment Color

Pigment Colour Lip Tips www.permanentmakeupproductsThis is a pearl of wisdom from:

‘The Laws of Church’

 How To Pick The Correct

 Lip Pigment Color!


Prior to your clients lip application of pigment, look closely at the uneven pigmentation that over 90% of people have in their lips.

Using a pigment color with white in it will give your client greater coverage.

If the client is  considering any type of laser treatment, they need to be made aware that if the laser hits the pigmented area it may have a chance of discoloration.

Using any type of AHA products, lightening, brightening and peeling products near the procedure area will lighten their lip color.


Susan Church CCPC, CPDA, CCRT

Director of Education

Director of Clinical Research & Development

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